About Jeremy

Jeremy is a full stack developer from Syracuse, NY. He is currently a Software Engineer for Two Six Technologies.

Throughout his career he has worked as both a team lead, and an engineer on various projects including and e-commerce CRM, messaging platform, advertising network, and various automation tools. He has over a decade of experience with PHP, C, and Javascript; and is well-versed in Go, Java, Python, X86 assembly (Intel Syntax), and C#.

Location: Syracuse, NY
Email: jeremy at jeremysteele dot net
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My Skills


Python, Go, PHP, Javascript/Typescript, C, C#, HTML, CSS, C++, Intel X86 Assembler, Bash, Perl


Firewall Config & Monitoring, Penetration Testing, Malware Remediation


AWS, LAMP, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, WHM/CPanel, VMWare VSphere

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Email: jeremy at jeremysteele dot net