About Me

I am a full stack developer hailing from Syracuse, NY. I have years of experience in PHP, C, C#, Javascript, and of course HTML and CSS - along with countless other languages.

In my career I have experienced nearly every aspect of application development. Including: designing, prototyping, programming, managing, and marketing. I truly believe having a vast knowledge of the software life cycle is one of the most important skills an engineer can have; and is what separates me from the pack.

I am currently studying for the CompTIA Security+ and Cisco CCNA Security certifications.

Location: Syracuse, NY
Email: jeremy at jeremysteele dot net
Skype: intjmp
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My Skills


PHP, Javascript, C, C#, HTML, CSS, C++, Intel X86 Assembler, Bash, Python, Perl


Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Malware Removal, Server Forensics (Apache, SSH, MySQL)

Server Administration

LAMP, MySQL and Apache Optimization, WHM/CPanel Install and Setup, VMWare VSphere Management

My Resume

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Hire Me

I am always on the lookout for new work- either contract or full time. If you would like to get in touch - please contact me.

My Portfolio

Here's a quick look at a few of the projects I have worked on over the years

JC Office - Backoffice App

A flexible and powerful backoffice app I created for Jersey Consolidated. Allowed management to easily configure and track checkout pages, chargebacks, affiliate postbacks, and orders.


  • Bulk of it was built with PHP/MySQL, with C# used for desktop clients
  • Based on Yii Framework
  • Bootstrap-based theme with a fully responsive design
  • Followed strong security practices to lock out brute force attempts and encrypt customer data.
  • Connected with Limelight CRM via their REST API


A page tracker specifically tailored for affiliate marketers. Sent out alerts anytime the system detected page changes. This app involved building out the frontend, as well as a crawling system with a dispatcher. I also created a bot, in Python, which took screenshots of page changes and uploaded them to Amazon S3. It also kept track of all bandwidth used on a per-user basis. The user module connected with a Wordpress plugin which handled all membership/subscription duties.


  • Built with PHP/MySQL/Python/BASH
  • Custom framework specifically made for the app
  • Involved a complex dispatching system which allowed numerous servers to stay in sync during the crawling process.
  • Connected to a WordPress plugin which handled user subscriptions


This is a small app I created for myself several years ago as a way to store snippets of code on the cloud. More recently I have decided to spruce it up and make it an Open source app, to be released in 2016.


  • Built with PHP/MySQL
  • Originally used manual CRUD code, but has been moved to the Yii framework.

Car-Covers Info App

This is an application I created for the team at car-covers.com to enable them to quickly find information on the various vehicles in their database. This was used in conjunction with another script I created that automatically linked their ecommerce SKUs with their warehouse SKUs.


  • Built with PHP/MySQL
  • Used PDO extension for database connectivity.
  • Included basic user management with privileges.

Contact Me

Contact me via:

Phone: 315-313-4701
Email: jeremy at jeremysteele dot net
Skype: intjmp