About Me

I am a full stack developer hailing from Syracuse, NY. I have years of experience in Python, PHP, C, C#, Javascript, and of course HTML and CSS - along with countless other languages.

In my career I have experienced nearly every aspect of application development. Including: designing, prototyping, programming, managing, and marketing. I truly believe having a vast knowledge of the software life cycle is one of the most important skills an engineer can have; and is what separates me from the pack.

I am currently studying for the CompTIA Security+ and Cisco CCNA Security certifications.

Location: Syracuse, NY
Email: jeremy at jeremysteele dot net
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My Skills


PHP, Javascript, C, Go, C#, HTML, CSS, C++, Intel X86 Assembler, Bash, Python, Perl


Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Malware Removal, Server Forensics (Apache, SSH, MySQL)


AWS, LAMP, Docker, WHM/CPanel, VMWare VSphere

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Email: jeremy at jeremysteele dot net